Join our Go Green program and make paper transcripts a thing of the past.

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At Alaris, we are proud to offer services that reflect our commitment to preserving the environment. Offering electronic invoices, communications, transcripts, exhibits and video deliverables is only a small part of Alaris's green efforts. In addition, Alaris: 

purchases and uses environmentally friendly products, 
purchases Energy Star-rated office equipment and appliances, 
helps to reduce shipping and handling fees, 
conserves fossil fuels by encouraging videoconferencing services, allowing clients to attend depositions anywhere in the world without the expense and hassle of travel, and
increases waste diversion by recycling all paper, bottles and cans. 

Notify your local Alaris office to join our Go Green program and make paper transcripts a thing of the past! 

Program Benefits

Benefits of the program include: 

  • Electronic transcripts, exhibits and invoices that can be accessed and downloaded anytime/anywhere.
  • 3% discount on transcript products when your firm signs up to receive all transcripts, exhibits and invoices via email.
  • A donation made in your name (or name of your firm) to the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, which provides money and services to assist in keeping Missouri State Parks free. It also assists the Soils and Water Sales Tax, which supports soil and water conservation farming efforts. 
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