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"I am guaranteed professionalism and exceptional service when working with Alaris. As we all know, unexpected issues can arise during any deposition, but I have complete confidence that Alaris can handle whatever comes their way. The court reporters are personable yet professional and a true pleasure to work with."

- Attorney, Kansas City, MO



"We truly appreciate the professionalism of your court reporters and the company. We never have any scheduling issues, lateness or last minute cancellations. Alaris has saved us on many occasions by being able to cover depos at the last minute due to last minute cancellation coverage; just to name a few!"

- Insurance Company, St. Louis MO



"If I needed reporting services, I would definitely want to use Alaris.  Alaris is a wonderful company to work with as a reporter, and I know attorneys that I work with appreciate everything that Alaris does to help their depositions go smoothly. "

- Court Reporter, St. Joseph, MO


The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), the country’s leading organization representing stenographic court reporters, captioners, and legal videographers, has designated February 6-13 as the 2021 National Court Reporting & Captioning Week. The weeklong event will highlight the many aspects of court reporting and captioning that make it a viable profession, including good salaries, flexibility, interesting venues and the increasing demand for more reporters and captioners to meet the growing number of employment opportunities available in the field.

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Court Reporting in the time
of COVID-19

To commemorate the National Court Reporters Association 2021 Court Reporting and Captioning Week, we’d like to honor the driven and incredibly talented court reporters and videographers on our team. During a time in history when in-person interactions are limited and virtual meetings are used to converse safely in groups, it feels extra appropriate to spotlight and show gratitude for these men and women who go to great technical lengths regularly to ensure accurate coverage of legal proceedings.

Court Reporter Spotlights

Why I love court reporting...

"I love my profession because it’s challenging & different every day. I get bored easily. I applied for a full TAPS (Texas Assoc of Private Schools) scholarship for Court Reporting in 1986 & got it! Only one recipient is chosen yearly out of the State of Texas. The choice was made for me! That was why I chose court reporting & have never looked back! "

Tracie Brumley
CSR, CCR 620
Years Reporting: 31

"Reporting is the most INTERESTING of careers in my opinion. I love freelancing! I get to go different places every day, and see different people. I hear a variety of cases from the boring land dispute or water erosion cases, to the divorce cases that can be pretty heated. You get to meet such great people in the lawyers, doctors and the witnesses alike. I love knowing that every day I get to find out where I am being sent the next day and the excitement of who I will meet and what kind of case it will be. It is just a very interesting profession that keeps it exciting."

Angie Kelly

Years Reporting: 21

"I love court reporting because I have flexibility with my family that I wouldn’t get with a 9 to 5 job. Every day is different and you meet some very interesting people. Even after 36 years I still learn something new every day about this industry and the legal profession. I enjoy networking with other reporters and sharing war stories."

Linda Madel

Years Reporting: 31

"I love my profession because I learn something new every single day.  I also adore the luxury of going to different offices every day.  I cannot imagine going back to a dedicated desk in an office."

Lisa Ballalatak
Years Reporting: 9.5

"I love the challenge of accurately writing testimony in all sorts of situations, the flexibility, and how much I learn through the wide variety of topics that are covered in depositions."

Meghan Minnick
Years Reporting: 3

"I love court reporting because of the flexibility and financial security it provides, not to mention that I enjoy it when the testimony gets difficult, almost like playing a video game where you have to "zap" the word before it gets away from you. Court reporting would be a wonderful profession for those young gamers out there that are language-oriented and have a strong work ethic. Also, every day is different. Sometimes people bring their adorable 240-pound St. Bernards to the deposition!"

Renee Combs Quinby

RDR, CRR, CCR-MO, CSR-IL, CSR-CA, CCR-AR, Realtime Systems Administrator
Years Reporting: 22

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