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Nov. 20, 2019

Videoconferencing: A convenient option for out-of-town depositions

By Adam Weaver, Managing Director

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Oct. 29, 2019

Why Utilizing the Alaris Repository Could be Vital for Your Practice

By: Mert Seaton, Alaris Account Manager

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Sep. 6, 2019

Skills and Knowledge – Court reporting is more than just knowing where the keys are

By: Nancy J. Hopp, IL CSR, RDR, CRR, CMRS, FAPR

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Aug. 29, 2019

Five Tips for Successfully Working with a Trial Consultant

Litigation, trial

When preparing for your upcoming trial, it is vital to have the right support system behind you. Obtaining a trial technician who can meet your standards and abilities is key.

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Jul. 12, 2019

Email Trust at Alaris

Alaris, like pretty much any other company, primarily uses email to communicate internally and with our clients.

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Apr. 22, 2019

Have You Heard about Our Go Green Efforts?

In an industry that has always been highly depended on paper, modern conservation efforts and tools have produced a significant positive impact in the world of litigation.


Apr. 3, 2019

Ten Simple Promises to Our Clients

Alaris created 10 simple promises, based on our core values, that we strive to achieve each day. We believe our core values help us to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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Nov. 8, 2018

How Does That Little Machine Work?


How do court reporters take down the spoken word at speeds that sometimes exceed 260 words per minute, using a machine that has only 24 keys? The steno keyboard was...

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Nov. 8, 2018

Alaris Owner and CEO to Be Honored for Excellence in Legal Innovation

Debbie Weaver, owner and CEO of Alaris, will be honored at the Missouri Lawyers Media inaugural Top Legal Innovation Awards for the creation of Alaris Online Litigation.

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Mar. 28, 2018

Certifiable Truths: Real talk from real court reporters about the real benefits of certification.


Let’s face it: getting certified to be a court reporter isn’t the most fun task in the world.