The pillars of every decision we make.

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Core Values


Our core values are the foundation of who we are.

They guide every decision we make, unify our team and define the character of our company. Alaris® is...

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Responsive. We pride ourselves on being available 24 / 7 / 365 so that our work hours mirror our clients’ work hours. We react quickly and professionally. Our goal is to make the difficult seem easy. 

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Resilient. We view challenges not as problems, but as opportunities to learn and grow. We are experts at finding solutions. If Plan A doesn’t work, we are always ready to switch to Plan B.

Dependable 800x800

Dependable. We take our jobs seriously. We finish what we start, follow through on our commitments, and deliver stellar customer service. We value our customers and pride ourselves on how well we treat them.

Ethical 800x800

Ethical. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We've earned our customers' trust by acting with integrity. We take responsibility for our actions, treat people fairly and impartially, and we do what is right. 

Innovative 800x800

Innovative. We ask questions, try new things, and keep up with the latest in legal and communications technology so we can offer the best possible solutions to our clients. We use our creativity to think outside the box.

Respectful 800x800

Respectful. We believe in the inherent value of all human beings, whether it’s our customers, our employees, or our vendors. We treat people with the respect they deserve. This includes listening, encouraging, lending a helping hand, and saying thank you.

Proactive 800x800

Proactive. We not only meet the needs of our clients, we anticipate them. We look ahead and forecast what's coming. Our experience allows us to work as a team with our clients to provide the services and support that they may not even realize is needed.

Diverse 800x800

Diverse. We celebrate the variety of experiences and viewpoints that each person brings to the table, which ultimately enrich our culture and strengthen our team. We believe that all people have equal value and strive to create an open and inclusive environment.

Learning 800x800

Continuously Learning. We believe there is no end to knowledge and that the best leaders are also learners. Our industry is driven by technology, so we make sure our team is trained and ready to respond as the demands of new technology continue to evolve. 

Flexible 800x800

Flexible. We are adaptable and ready to serve in any way. With client satisfaction foremost in our minds, we will turn on a dime, burn the midnight oil and go the extra mile. We’ve said it before – because our mantra is “never say no”, our clients can always expect solutions.


Alaris Litigation Services is committed to the values of diversity within our organization. Whether we are hiring, promoting from within, creating a job transfer to gain more skills or conducting training, we embrace the ability of all people and encourage professional and personal growth. We believe in providing and promoting an atmosphere of respect for all of our staff, clients and business partners.

We value and support the diversity of our people and encourage individuals from all backgrounds to submit your resume if you are interested in pursuing a career opportunity with Alaris Litigation Services for any position that is posted.

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Congratulations to our 1st Quarter Values Award Winner, Gene Miller - Alaris Trial and Media Services Manager

Responsive: Gene assisted on walking a client through doing depositions by VC and was always prompt to respond to their questions.

Respectful: Hearing the same concerns over and over through the pandemic, Gene never showed frustration with the client, just focused on getting them the answers and solutions they were looking for.

Dependable: Gene is a very busy person, especially with Covid-19, but he seems to always be there and willing to assist when needed.

Continuously Learning: Having to change up the way Alaris handled depositions in 2020, Gene not only focused on growth for exhibit technicians, he also had to become quite the remote deposition expert, with so many clients using different cameras, speakers, laptops, etc. Gene had to investigate issues with so many different components and find solutions to clients.