ADR Panel Spotlight: Patrick Sanders



We are pleased to announce that Patrick Sanders has joined our distinguished panel of arbitrators and mediators, based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Patrick Sanders has a 25+ year career in private practice which includes corporate & commercial litigation, contractual issues & business law with a special emphasis on employment and labor & employment law, including a national practice involving federal and state court litigation, mediation & arbitration, collective bargaining, wrongful discharge, employment discrimination, wage & hour, equal pay, whistleblower and resolution of safety & health issues.

We sat down with Patrick to learn a little bit more about who he is outside of his law practice.

Alaris: If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?
Patrick Sanders: Somewhere warm, a tropical beach.

A: What's your favorite place to visit/vacation?
PS: Italy

A: What's your favorite holiday?
PS: Christmas - spending time with family from out of town.

A: What is your favorite adult beverage?
PS: Craft Beer or Whiskey.

A: What is your most memorable vacation?
PS: My wife and I went to Italy for 16 days in 2015 for the first time. Venice, Florence & Rome were amazing.  The artwork and sculptures were beautiful. We also stayed in a working vineyard in Tuscany.

A: What are you most proud of accomplishing?
PS: My family, my wife of 42 years and our three sons.

A: If not a lawyer, what would you be?
PS: A full-time soccer referee - FIFA referee.

A: What is a skill you'd love to learn?
PS: Flying, getting my pilots license.

A: What is your personal mantra?
PS: Be truthful - no exceptions.

We are thrilled that Patrick Sanders has joined our team at Alaris ADR. If you’d like to work with him, please contact us at