ADR Panel Spotlight: Gino Brogdon, Sr.



We are pleased to announce that Hon. Gino Brogdon has joined our distinguished panel of arbitrators, mediators and special masters.

M. Gino Brogdon, Sr. is a nationally sought-after neutral known for his big sense of humor, quick study wit and an uncanny knack for establishing a rapport even with the most remote professional and lay personalities. As the youngest of eleven children, this Ohio native earned his legal stripes as a trial lawyers in a number of large, respected law firms in Atlanta prosecuting and defending all kinds of serious civil matters across the country. 

As a trial judge, Gino was known for his ability to streamline the discovery process, his remarkable proficiency to wade through a complex motions practice and a truly robust ability to shepherd contentious parties through the sometimes tedious and stressful negotiation process.

Gino lives in Atlanta and has three sons, two lawyers and a professional basketball player. We sat down with Gino and learned a little bit about the man outside of the law. Gino’s favorite places to visit are Ghana, West Africa and New Orleans, where he’s keen on the swamp and fishing habitat.

When asked if he had the opportunity to meet any historical figure, Gino’s response was, “Malcom X. He was a man who was open to change. He understood two kinds of people in the world – good and bad.  He said what he believed and lived with the consequences.”

Gino’s favorite holiday is Halloween. “It lets adults be silly – I used to have parties that required a costume to enter including a DJ, catering, etc.,” remarked Gino. As an avid collector of shoes, bowties, cufflinks and music, if Gino wasn’t a lawyer, he would have been a jazz singer or radio DJ.

Gino’s mantra is something his father passed along to him when he was a child, “When all else fails, be a good man – shoulder your responsibilities, stick your chin out – for better or worse.”

We are thrilled that Gino has joined our team at Alaris ADR. If you’d like to work with him, please contact us at