Protecting Your Data

As the leader in court reporting and litigation services, we know the importance of maintaining the highest level of security for our clients' confidential information.

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Your Security is Our Priority.

Our mission is to work diligently to ensure the safety and integrity of
our clients and their work. The facts listed below are some of the security measures we have established to safeguard all your information and material.


Network Security

  • Up-to-date firewalls are equipped with malware and content filtering to reduce risk of exposure.
  • Alaris limits access to network files to a need-to-know basis, and files are actively backed up in real time.
  • All servers, offering 99.999% uptime, are stored offsite in secure 24 hour manned facilities with restricted access.
  • Alaris offers managed guest Wi-Fi capability, while maintaining our data network security.
  • Utilization of network tools to filter internet content including social media, streaming services and personal sites.
  • Users who fail to properly log-in within five attempts are locked out of the system until a network administrator reviews and resets the user’s information.
  • Alaris email is aggressively monitored for spam, phishing attacks, malware, and utilizes strict file attachment rules.
  • Alaris network files are backed up and restorable up to two weeks offsite in the event of an attack.

Software Security

  • Anti-virus software is installed, maintained and updated daily on all machines.
  •, cloud-based videoconference software, enables staff and clients to connect securely and share content in restricted virtual meeting rooms.
  • Alaris utilizes secure methods of file transfer; ShareFile, Dropbox, and private SFTP.

Security Policies

  • No Personally Identifiable Information is stored as a hard copy.
  • All electronic records are deleted after seven years, and the destruction of all hardware containing PII is certified.
  • We require all subcontractors to sign BAAs, confidentiality and communications agreements with Alaris.
  • All employees undergo training regarding security and confidentiality of company and client information.
  • We have extensive data breach insurance coverage, higher than the industry standard, in place for claims made as a result of cyber liability.